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Hanoi is where I was born, and actually I didn’t feel I have really lived in it until March of 2017…

I was a kid, for 21 years, I didn’t go out that much, just around my house area – Ha Dong. It’s far away from the city center, around 10-15km and 15-20km to West Lake.

Then we met, you had been showing me around the city, the city that you moved in 3 years ago, and I was born in 20 years ago, but barely know anything about it. I always teased you that you are even more Vietnamese than me. That you are an “ma xó”, which means a person who knows everything. That is right, you know every corner of this city, every coffee shop.

And now, everywhere I go, it has the image of you in it. Fuck those memories, I don’t even know if it’s good or bad to keep holding on those memories.  Just one of those phase of post-breakup tho.


The city is more and more polluted, but it has its own attraction. Can’t deny that. It’s crowded all the time, not mention those rush hours.

Now I know my way around the city, know good spots to have Chai tea, London fog, banana cake, just not with you anymore.


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