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When my mind wander during social distancing time

Being single in a time of social distancing and isolation can bring up unexpected fears of abandonment and feelings of loneliness.

Yea, being single can be a beautiful gift. But when you’re forced into isolation, old feelings of longing, or jealousy for friends who are happily married and spending time cuddled up with one neater can be hard to face.

Right now, the tears might fall more easily.
The fear might come in waves.
Loneliness may sink in unexpectedly.

During this time, even if we fully embraced our aloneness, we might notice our minds spinning out or worrying that we’re “losing time” to meet the right person to spend our lives with.

It’s normal to crave intimacy, to miss cuddling, to want someone to share with. To desire a partner to navigate uncertainty with, to feel safe.

At this time, we’re being invited to practice a high-level of self-care, and self-validation.

You make sense. Your feelings are valid.

You are enough. You are safe. You are loved. You belong.

Everything is going to be ok.

Remember that even when you feel alone, you are held.

This could be an opportunity for you to create deeper clarity around your patterns in relationship and what kind of partnership you desire in the future.


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